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2D, Frame by Frame, Traditional Animation

Welcome to StudioBeltran, where creativity takes shape! We are a boutique animation studio offering a wide range of services. Our team of skilled animators, artists, and technicians excels in 2D  animation, character design, concept art, story, and more. From commercials to video games, we create immersive worlds that captivate audiences of all ages. Let StudioBeltran bring your vision to life with stunning animations and unforgettable storytelling.

Storyboards, animatics and colorboards are a series of visual panels that illustrate the sequence of key scenes and actions in a narrative, serving as a blueprint for filmmakers, animators, and directors to plan and visualize the storytelling process.

Character design is the art of creating unique and visually compelling characters, encompassing their appearance, personality, and traits, to bring them to life in various forms of media.

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